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March 1 st    Sacramento.     9pm-6am. Warehouse Event     

This is a Tribe Affair / Intoxicate Your soul with The Vibe & Surrender Yourself To The Eternal Dance of Life . Vibrations By

EVIL EDDIE RICHARDS. Britians Godfather Of House . Wiggle/Fabric/Other Sound/Storm London .UK ...

Eddie Richards is an integral part of the modern House scene, he has been around from the start and has played a pivotal part in the scenes movement. His achievements are numerous, establishing the first ever DJ agency, and his involvement in ‘Wiggle’.. Like it or not, the only path towards being a talented dj is having loads and loads of experience. The ability to gather a record bag together and please a random dance floor in a random city is an acquired skill that only grows with practice. Eddie Richards, dance music’s quintessential pioner and "Britain’s godfather of house and techno" (Mixmag) was one of the first DJs to champion house back in the mid 8O’s & one of the UK s original mix DJ's who became a key figure in a new music and cultural movement soon to explode worldwide. After playing at such influential and original underground clubs as Clink St. & Heaven in London and Manchester's Hacienda, he went one to headline the legendary UK pay parties Sunrise. Energy and Helter Skelter among countless others. Remix and production work led to the release of club classics; ’Acidman’ in ’88 which hit the UK Top 20, followed by other chart topping remixes of Ralphi Rosario, Orbital and The Shamen. Eddie has been included in virtually every book, documentary and film about dance culture and is sought after all over the world for his flawless mix of deep bass driven techno with soulful & tough house, a format he has always maintained.



GALEN / Sunset Sound System/Gathering , SF

Galen founded Sunset Sound System by setting up a generator and speakers at a park in Berkeley, California every sunday to spin records he didn’t get a chance to play anywhere else. Word spread and soon many hundreds of people we’re dancing and picnicking while watching the sun set behind the San Francisco skyline. Today, Sunset Sound System is on the move with incredible boat and outdoor parties as well as the annual Sunset Campout Festival.

Galen developed his signature sound through these weekly jams and as well as his technically proficient yet fluid dj style. The psychedelic music scene of 90s San Francisco provided a launching point to his extensive vinyl collection the spans many genres from classic disco to post-punk to roots reggae and modern house music. His sets can travel a diverse range yet maintain a conscious groove of cohesiveness, always appropriate to the time and place. They are thoughtful, yet never pre-planned, with artfully-timed track selections that spark any dance floor, appealing to the old school just as much as the new.

Music productions have become a more frequent mode of expression for Galen. Release collaborations with Claude Von Stroke, Justin Martin, Lopazz, and Shiny Objects having laid the foundation to new solo endeavors. A handful exist now and are becoming more frequent as his bass & groove laden production style becomes more defined.




TONY HEWITT / Basics/Funky Tekno Tribe/Gathering . SF , UK

A native of Manchester, England, Tony Hewitt came to the U.S. in 1988. While living in Southern California, he discovered L.A.’s Underground warehouse parties where he’d hear DJs like Doc Martin, Steve Loria, Barry Weaver and Michael Cook - who inspired him to start DJing. In 1992, he moved to San Francisco where he began a residency at the legendary Gathering parties, Funky Tekno Tribe and guest spots at Come-Unity. To date, he has dj’d all over the U.S, Canada and Europe, with guest spots at Fabric in London,the Bomb in Nottingham, La Terraza in Spain and OTV Club in Croatia. In the late 90’s Tony, Onionz, Hipp-e & Halo, Joeski & Master D joined forces as the 6400 CREW and went on to record for the best house labels around, like 2020 vision NRK, Soma and Yoshitoshi.




TAJ. /Rel8 / the groove / wax / rise n shine / studio / endup / , SF



Rick V / In the Mix, Sacramento

Inspired by House and Techno music Rick V. has been a staple in the Bay Area electronic scene for over 20 years. He is best known for rocking the underground Bay Area Massives such as, Spundae, Funky Tekno Tribe, Coolworld, and Clockwork Eventz. Rick V is Responsible for some of the biggest and most memorable underground & club events in any town he’s in and including WMD in Miami.

Rick V and legendary DJ Donald Glaude started the imprint Eden Recordings in the late 2000’s; an electronic label that featured some of the best Tech House artists and producers of its time. It was inspired from his record store “In Tha Mix Records” at the time, which catered to many taste makers locally and globally. Some of their high end clients included Techno and House DJ’s such as DJ Dan, Bad Boy Bill, Barry Weaver, Hipp-e, Halo, Angel Alanis, Richard Humpty Vission, Terry Mullan, Ron Reeser, and more...

Rick V’s jackin’ Tech House sound has helped him travel far wide, rocking many night clubs, and massives throughout the country, including Mexico and Canada. Staying true to his roots and playing cutting edge Techno & Tech House, he’s currently working in the studio, collaborating with Dj Hipp-e of the H-foundatio,veterans and fresh talented producers while he plans to relaunch “In Tha Mix Recordings” in 2019.




Danny Woods / Love Drop / Sacramento





This will be at a PRIVATE safe n secure Sacramento Location




DEEP VIBEN 'N LINE 916-644-0576


we are 420 friendly


Sound,Stage and Lighting by LITE BRITE productions


Supported By F-Society


We welcome all vendors please email


21 n up








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that photographer guy
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looking forward to it. >=)


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