Omg my ears can't t...

Omg my ears can't take it anymore...  


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24/01/2019 5:12 am  

Before I get into this, please know that this is nothing against any of the DJs or producers in the sacramento party scene. I have some issues with a very small handful of them *and tbh the main issues I have don't really have anything to do with necessarily the music*, but that's neither here nor there. I really dig damn near close to 90% of the music you fine people are creating, and you guys rock for putting it out there. I also adore just about all you as well, so please don't wish fire and brimstone onto me. Now onto where things get dicey.....

Holy shit snacks Batman, what does a raver have to do to get something a little more on the light side so to speak?? Where's the uplifting and vocal trance? where's the big room anthems? Maybe some more progessive house on me?? And, yes, I might be the only one left who is a fan, but remember happy hardcore? Pepperidge farm remembers!! If you don't want to go any of those routes, than how about some banging elctro house?? That's always a winner. Throw some hard dance at me, I can take it! I go apeshit for hard style.... As long as it's not relentless for a whole fucking 2 hour set.  I like dirt and grime, but there needs to be some sort of balance. I like electronic DANCE music. If I wanted something that sounded like norwegian speed death metal, I would go to that type of show.For real though, when and why did violent head banging become a thing at raves???!!! 

Huge fan of drum and bass *when it's done right* and damn do I miss what dub step starting out as before if blew up.  if I went the rest of my life never hearing modern dub step again, I would be so happy. Then again I would happily deal with dub step if it meant glitch and trap no longer exists.

When I go to parties, I want to dance in a crowd,be with my rave family, give people lightshows, and trade Kandi. I don't want to keep feeling uneasy from the weird vibes that I feel all around me while there, which then makes me think about wanting to go to a party or not, and since I'm not physically capiblc of going out and partying like I've always done due to medical problems. it really sucks that if I want even just a little variety in the music styles, I have to head to the city, and that's kind of lame.

When I say I want variety, ireally want VARIETY!! I've loved house since I first heard it, and I'm just about always down for breaks. It just seems to me, that the parties in these neck of the woods are all house, drum and base, dub step, and trap. I can deal with those being the majority, if there was other genres sprinkled in. I also totally and completely understand that not every show and party can have more than one stage. I've been raving for over a decade and in different parts of the country, so I get it. I'm just happy to have any kind of scene out here.  Just my thoughts..  

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So I completely see where you are coming from, but I think a lot of it has to do with sort of a generational gap in the Sacramento scene. The events that cater to younger events always seem to have the headbanging dubstep/bass/trap music.  The events that older 30+ crowd go to have techno/house/some breaks and DnB.  I've seen some happy hardcore and trance specific events begin advertised too but haven't been out much to see them.  I know I am biased but Rogue Alliance still does day parties (SunBeat) and we usually have a mix of house/dnb/techno/breaks. Also Whiter Diamond is doing shows and has a mix of that as well.


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